Expected Value of Some NDB’s

or this section, we are going to take a look at some NDB’s that are current as of the time of this writing and determine the expected value of them. Technically, they all have a non-zero expected profit because the player is risking nothing to have the possibility of winning something. However, each of these bonuses comes with playthrough requirements that will often yield an expected result of zero...precisely what you started with.

We will first look at some NDB’s which are available directly through this site via this page.

If you wish to play any of these, simply click on, "No Deposit," and then, "Visit Casino," for the casino corresponding to your choice. I will also note whether or not the casino is endorsed by the Wizard of Odds, if a casino https://www.carilovirtual.com/ is Wizard of Odds APPROVED and you experience any problems with them that you can not resolve, then the Wizard will mediate on your behalf (if you signed up through our link) to try to achieve a mutually satisfactory resolution. The only thing that we ask is that you first try to resolve any disputes yourself prior to invoking the guarantee.